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  1. It's actually quite interesting (borderline on maddening) how Evernote deals with blank lines. I write a moderate amount of programming scripts (bash, python, Cisco IOS, etc.) and have found Evernote invaluable for staying organized. But the lack of line spacing makes saving snippets of code and data completely useless. Even when using "code block" formatting, extra line spaces are stripped away. Line spacing is everything for making code readable, and sometimes can affect the results of the program. I'd be okay with the default behavior of stripping away extra characters, but EN really needs to observe spacing when using code block formatting, otherwise the feature does nothing more than make the background grey. See attachments with Notepad++ samples on the left, and the pasted block into EN on the right.
  2. I was not aware of that feature. But it does the trick. Thanks!
  3. It would really be nice to have a dark theme for Evernote. I use Evernote on my iPad (and Windows laptop) in darkened theaters frequently, where I run the sound board (front of house engineer). I know the bright glow of a white screen is distracting to me, and I'm sure it's distracting to patrons, not to mention the strain of having to adjust back and forth between focusing on the darkened house and my notes. Please consider. Thanks. -r
  4. That's my biggest gripe with all the apps that claim to have "Evernote Integration". None of them are really "integrated", all they do is export an image which gets created as a new note. As was pointed out above, it would be nice to be able to select the image in the note and use the originating app to edit it and update the note with the changes. I guess that's not Evernote's fault.
  5. Evernote build 166408, ver 3.2 beta 2 prerelease Android v 2.2.1 on Motorola Defy Everything works perfect! Don't change the code! Active use for several days without issues. All uploads, syncing, editing...bueno. Just an FYI. Thanks. -r
  6. Same issue here. I have several notes that I *can* view without issue, but several that return an error message. All of the notes that return this message are plain text notes without attachments. Note loading error: Note content could not be downloaded at this time. Check your network connection and try again later. I get this regardless if I'm connected via WiFi or 3G (or even EDGE connection) with strong signals. I have one of my three Notebooks tagged to sync offline, but none of the content syncs. The status always says "Waiting to download 198K" (yup, that's all that offline notebook is, 198k). Please help. Thanks.
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