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  1. Wouldn't it be easier to lock the tablet rather than password protect each individual app that might contain sensitive information ? Especially if you are worried about anyone just picking it up and start looking at your stuff. No, not as many times a day as I wake my tablet up every day. And I am not asking to password protect the app, I am asking to password protect specific NOTES in my notebooks, such as a note that lists my credit card info or passwords to whatever. I might need to enter that password once a day, or less. I really don't want to have to enter an unlock code 50 or more times a day when my tab goes to sleep. and I am not necessarily talking about a stranger looking at stuff they have no business looking at, there are family members some of us don't like knowing everything about us or our private information. I develop Windows database apps, I know this is not a difficult thing to implement, so I don't feel it is an over-the-top request.
  2. While I am really liking what I see here, there is one more feature I would like to see added. Since after the first start-up of the app on the tablet you no longer need to enter username/password, it would be VERY nice to be able to password protect individual notes. The first time you leave your tablet lying around unattended someone could pick it up and read anything you have saved just by starting the app. This will be the only thing from keeping me from using my current favorite, Note Everything Pro, which does have that feature. How about it Devs? Think it could be included? Thanks, Ken By the way, I posted a review of this app on my new blog today http://everythingiconia.blogspot.com
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