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  1. This looks very promising, however one major issue for me is I now cannot see my notes in a long list, instead to browse notes you have to scan along a line then back to the beginning of the next line then along to the end, then back again etc. This makes scanning through your available notes more difficult than in the previous version where you could choose how to view your notes using the display options button. The choices wer: snippet, list, mixed, thumbnail. Thumbnail was the only option that rendered notes as boxes going horizontally across the screen. Whilst the interface looks very nice, without an option to show my notes as a vertical list, this software becomes much less usable for me. I think there is a danger of focussing too much on looks and trying to take advantage of new screen real estate at the cost of usability. Do you plan to re-introduce the ability to list notes in different formats? Or is the option already there and I've missed it somehow?
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