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  1. Thanks! This is very helpful. I think I am understanding you to say that you copy the entire folder, for example mine contains "myname.exb" and a couple of other files as well (e.g. "myname".esb.back and "myname.exb.thumbnail) I could simply choose to copy the all important "mynamefile.exb" and that would be sufficient, but If I copied the entire folder --I would also be backing up the other 2 files I saw in that file folder as well? One last question, do you have any clue what the "myname".esb.back file would be?
  2. Hi everyone, Can someone walk me through a step by step way to backup Evernote? I read over the above entries, but I was not able to discern the "geek speak" that is not a reflection upon the posts themselves, but more of a disclosure of "cluelesness" on my part. I am a premium user of Evernote and presently all of my files sync to the net. But being a bit of a "control freak" I would like to also be able to back up these important files (many which includes irreplaceable research) on my own. --I don't even know in the slightest where to begin. Before Evernote, I stored everything in File Cabinets. I have about 900 notes and growing every day. I use a Dell PC Windows Vista Home Premium I also have Evernote on my Android Phone that syncs. Thank you for your patience in advance and for an help you can afford me.
  3. I have been using Evernote Premium Service for several months now without any problems. Today I have scanned in several articles and tagged them, and no problems. After I accepted the new install (Version 4 point something) I went and scanned in about five more articles and now Evernote will not snyc them. Sometimes it says that the data base has been 100 pct updated. Usually it locks up and a "blue circular icon thingy" appears showing that it is processing and then I get the message that Evernote is not responding. I have rebooted at least seven times and this has not fixed the situation. I have shut the program down a dozen more times -to no avail. This all began today after I installed new 4 point something version. I have checked my usage and as of this morning I have only used 25% of my allocated space. Has anyone else ever had these symptoms I have described and if so/ what does it mean and what do I need to do? I have opened up a ticket. Thanks!
  4. Thanks to everyone for the great replies and thought provoking feedback
  5. Does anyone have a recommendation of a scanner that integrates well with Evernote that has both a "flat face" so that I can scan pages from a book and also a multi-page feeder when I simply want to scan loose pages? Thanks!
  6. I am brand new to Evernote (less than 48 hours)...so all suggestions are appreciated. I am a minister and I have a interesting (aka ancient )filing system. I have an individual green hanging file for all 66 books of the Bible. Additionally, every book of the Bible which has more than 10 chapters (which is most of them) gets a manila sub file for each individual chapter. When I come across a magazine article/ interesting commentary in a book I would like to reference later which addresses a certain book and chapter: I copy/print/staple and then file accordingly. When I am preparing a sermon/series I pull that file and review. Now that it is 2011 I am attempting to come out of the dark ages of filing. I understand that evernote has a 250 folder limit and thus I would run out of notebooks. Do you have any recommendations of how I can bring my system which I love into the paperless world? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the input. Do you guys have a recommendation for a good scanner that has both a mutli-page feeder and also a flat screen (as I will be scanning many book pages that won't fit into the feeder) which will scan directly into evernote? Presently I am attempting to use HPOfficejet J4680 and HP DeskJet F4480 printer/copier/scanner and it has been frustrating to say the least.
  8. Hi All: I'm brand new to Evernote. Is there a way that I can scan multiple pages into one note instead of each page creating a brand new note. I am trying to capture research from books I am reading and sometimes I must copy multiple pages from a book and I need them to be accessible in order when I retrieve them, currently I am copying them on a copy machine and stapling them together and placing them in a manila folder --I am hoping to change this tree killing habit . --Roger
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