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  1. I recently discovered the follwing when downlaoding a pdf from the internet and trying to save it in Evernote I'm using MacOS 10.13.6 and Evernote 10.5.. In order to download a pdf from the internet the docuemnt has to be downloaded first to the preview App. From there you have several options to print, save or forward the document to another application see picture attached. When I choose to forward the document to Evernote a pop-up appears. Pushing the ok Button however will not generate the pdf in Evernote. I'm aware that I can downlaod the docuemnt first to the harddiks and move it afterwards to Evernote, but this can't be the solution (4 steps more) What is the solution for this problem? When I tansfer it to one Notes it works. Thank in advance for teh anser. Best regards
  2. Dear Evernote Administrator Please can you tell the status of the Web Clipper. It doesn't work as ist should. According to my experience Web Clipper worked amlost perfectly in the past but not today any more. Very often I wish to clip a whole article from a website rather than to save the bookmark. And I don't want to check everytime in Evernore if the article was scanned or not. Isn't this a reasonable request? Her I've two different examples: 1. I've clipped an article with some pictures however, when I read the clipped article in Evernote there no pictures are shown (see the attached 2 print screent: one is a print screnn of the website the other one without pictures from evernote 2. In another case Evernote does only show the titel but the the rest is blank. In order that you can comprehend the probem by yourself pleas find herewith the link to the website that I used (https://www.blick.ch/ausland/auf-einem-gebiet-groesser-als-indien-china-startet-gigantisches-programm-fuer-kuenstliches-wetter-id16229339.html). I also have attached two print screens of this example: one print screen show the website article, the other one what I got in evernote. I'm using Mac OS 10.13.6, Evernote 10.5.1 and the latest verson if the Web Clipper Thank you in advance for the answer Best regards
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