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  1. I see that you've posted in these two threads about the same issue. http://discussion.ev...__1#entry125578 http://discussion.ev...__1#entry125522 It sounds like you should open a support ticket, I suspect the issue is somehow specific to your setup Thanks dlu, have replied on the other topic. Support's suggestion was the same as the fix in the forum but EN keeps returning with the "migrating" message after every reboot. I'll open another support ticket and see if they can isolate this somehow.
  2. I did open a support ticket, then Evernote released 3.0.6 last week and I thought the problem was gone so I closed the ticket. But after reboot it's back. Happens on both my desktop Mac and Macbook Pro both running Lion. Will reopen a support ticket but their eventual reply was to do the exact above steps but this doesn't fix the problem. It does not result in any data loss of any sort, it's just an annoying thing that's all. I ran Evernote for a long time on Snow Leopard, never had this problem once, but since Lion it's there with each version Evernote pushes out ?? It could be something to do with Lion's new versioning features but as above my attempt to disable this had no effect.
  3. Have you addressed the "Migrating Notes from Previous Version" problem on OSX Lion with this new version ???
  4. You're quite free to do that. I will say that I don't find sheer repetition persuasive. So go for broke on originality Once upon time when programmers added an option they thought was good, they had the foresight to include the option to turn it off just in case their customers did not feel quite as ecstatic about the new feature. It takes little to no effort to write an off switch at the time new features or any features are introduced. Sadly the whole programming world has turned South in this regard in the last few years. Guess this is what they are teaching at programming school these days.
  5. This fix does not work, after reboot when you first open Evernote it once again starts with "Migrating Notes From previous Version" You can try this fix of yours all day, but the proof it does not fix anything comes after rebooting the Mac, perhaps you need to test this properly. I've applied this fix of yours several times but after reboot it's back each and every time. I am not convinced it's an OSX Lion versioning problem either because I tried disabling versioning on Evernote with "defaults write com.evernote.Evernote NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool false" and it has no effect on this bug. Here's my activity log: 2012-02-12 22:58:07 [ENLuceneNoteIndex] INFO: Index was locked. Unlocking. 2012-02-12 22:58:07 [EDAMHTTPClient] INFO: Client name: Evernote Mac/221382 (en-ZA); MacOS/10.7.2; 2012-02-12 22:58:07 [ENVMSpotlightMetadataTouch] INFO: Forcing spotlight re-import of external record files. 2012-02-12 22:58:07 [ENVersionMigrationManager] INFO: 123 notes to migrate... 2012-02-12 22:58:10 [ENVersionMigrationManager] INFO: Version migration complete. 2012-02-12 22:58:10 [ENNoteThumbnailManager] INFO: 1 notes need thumbnails
  6. Scratch that, after a reboot the "Migrating notes from previous version" bug has returned. Tried deleting the Evernote folder and letting it rebuild / resync again but to no avail, after a reboot the problem returns. Have reopened my support ticket with Evernote team.
  7. A new update was pushed out in the App Store just a few minutes ago. Version 3.0.6 (221382) I am happy to report this problem is now fixed. Thanks Evernote Team.
  8. Thanks BurgersNFries, I figured as much. I will report this directly to EN.
  9. Does EN support ever respond here? I tried the above fix. It worked BUT only worked for the currently logged in session. After I rebooted, the dreaded "migrating notes from previous version" is back. This problem is NOT to do with the database being corrupted on LION I think it is more to do with LION's new auto-versioning features with which Evernote has not been properly tested. I've luckily lost no data from this but it is rather annoying and hope to see EN team fix it soon.
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