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  1. I'll add my voice to the chorus of people who are unhappy with this update. Saving the login in a cookie isn't okay. Web cookies should be separated from software. I do not want any cookies to persist when I restart my browser, and I don't want to have to create a cookie exception. I don't want my evernote.com web cookies to be permanent just so I can stay logged in to the web clipper. I'm guessing that "Show Related Results" being pre-selected every time is also a result of not saving cookies. Note that unselecting it when I log in doesn't actually appear to set the proper setting until I edit the setting in Options. I can't clip anything. This is obviously a fatal flaw to the update. As others have said, FF+NoScript causes clickjack warnings anytime I try to use the webclipper interface. The goal of having the Evernote webclipper is to improve my workflow. Everything here breaks my workflow. Update: I have reverted to Web Clipper 6.2. Everything works again. Since it seems that WebExtensions are here to stay, can Evernote commit to ensuring that the clipping service will maintain compatibility for Web Clipper 6.2? (Or if perpetual compatibility isn't possible, fork the project so that there's always a non-WebExtensions version.) I don't intend to update the Web Clipper ever again, and being a premium customer, it would be nice to have peace of mind that the Clipper will continue working. 50% of my Evernote usage is via the Web Clipper and I'd really rather not have to start from square one and try to find new workflow tools after 6 years.
  2. This is what brought me to the forums today in the first place. The roadblocks I've hit with the lack of tag inheritance and the low complexity of boolean searching would be solved, so I hoped, by the ability to refer to other saved searches in the search grammar. I now consider this my #1 request because this ability would allow me to hack together pretty much everything else I need.
  3. stedwick, any chance this will be available on the Windows platform also? I chose Evernote largely because of its multi-platform availability. I saw franzenjb's idea about using a Mac to hierarchify and then return to Windows... but unless I miss my guess, any notes thereafter created on Windows would need to be fixed again. I'm using Evernote for hours every day on each of my various platforms (presently Windows, Mac, web) and have definitely found the unintuitive non-inheritance behaviour of the tag hierarchy a bit of a roadblock. I would strongly support the features being proposed to modify the search grammar and have a UI checkbox also. Here's the primary reason I have need of it. I have the following (simplified) tag hierarchy: - next actions - projects - projects - role1 - projects - role1 - arbitraryprojectoftheweek - projects - role1 - longtermprojectthatwontgoaway - projects - role1 - newmajorproject - projects - role2 - projects - role2 - arbitrary projectoftheweek Because I have multiple roles, I would like to be able to see all the "next actions" that are in the "role1" tree but none that are in the "role2" tree. I haven't figured out how to do this easily with the UI, so I would be left with the search grammar. However, whatever tags exist in the projects tag tree are guaranteed to be mutable and fluctuating. They really are for projects that will (usually) end and so manually writing a more complex search would have to iterate through each project name in that tree (and there are actually 30+) and then I would have to update the search every time a project is added. If there is a way to do boolean logic in the UI, then that would be perfect because I appreciate being able to easily select multiple tags for the current view. Otherwise I hold out hope for automatic tag inheritance.
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