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  1. I'm also back on the old version now. What a relief. Now I can finally use it again. But I think I will start planning for a move to OneNote. It will both save me money and probably make me more efficient. It is so sad to see a long time friend like Evernote get disabled like this. Version 10 is really a step backward in all the parameters that matters to me.
  2. I have the exact same problem. It drives me nuts, that I can't turn it off. I have turned off "Highlight misspelled words" in Windows 10 settings, but it still underlines every single word I write in my notes, as I often take notes in different languages. I can't abstract from it, when I'm writing longer texts, so I have turned to writing my notes in Notepad and then copy paste it to Evernote afterwards. That is just counter-productive. I generally hate spelling aids. Notes are not always 100% percent correct, as the notetaking is often done in haste. I want my notetaking app to be like my Moleskine notebook. Just a blank canvas in most cases. Evernote, please fix this.
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