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  1. Found the solution myself. Turns out there is a "Set as default notebook" option in the menu, and the notebook that is currently set as the default is disabled from being deleted. So, select another notebook from your account and set it as the default. Now you are able to delete the previous notebook. Some feedback for Evernote: if only there was some indication (either in the menu options, or somewhere in the Notebook list view, or anywhere else for that matter) which indicated that "This notebook is set as the default notebook" it would have really helped. Otherwise, the only way I coul
  2. Hi, I am using the Evernote Mac client v 10.3.7 build 2018 public. I can't seem to delete a notebook - the "Delete notebook" button is available not disabled/greyed out. See attached image. There are no Notes in this Notebook, and there are no Notes in Trash. This Evernote account is not being synced across other devices. I am using the free tier (Basic) subscription. I am sure this is something simple that I have missed - hoping someone can help me?
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