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  1. Which basically means I am left with no option. As a premium paying customer of years, this is quite frustrating, suddenly most useful functionality of Evernote are gone for me.
  2. That is only for Mac or Windows, I had already checked it out.. Looking for iOS(iphone/ipad)... How can I get back previous version those device? This new version has rendered Evernote completely useless for me (clipping bookmarks and tagging were the main features I use).
  3. My request is for iOS (iphone and iPad) - luckily on my windows and mac device i never upgraded to the newer version.
  4. Hi : How can I go back to previous versions of Evernote? Two of my most used features have become useless with the upgrade: clipping of bookmarks and tagging. I use Evernote on iOS and Windows. I am a premium paid user of Evernote for years.
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