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  1. Hi Yogi, keyboard friendliness is something I wish also. Finding your way with only keyboard in Evernote is just pain. I'm surprised how such vital component in otherwise good product has been left out. Evernote folks, please take a look at Jetbrains' Intellij IDEA and it's Command+Shift+A "Enter action or option name" dialog. Just make an autocomplete heavy dialog with actions like "add tag books". "move to Projects" or plain simple "This is the title of a note in my Evern...". Thanks!
  2. Thank you for asking, yes I would like to see sortable tables. I'd also like some more TLC for the table: at least the Mac client has extremely poor usability on tables. Features I'd like to see on the table in the order of preference: [*:1js9sejz] Adding and removing rows [*:1js9sejz] Adding and removing columns [*:1js9sejz] Simple calculations [*:1js9sejz] Autosize columns At the end of the day, I want more like Google Docs spreadsheets in Evernote than a plain HTML table.
  3. BurgersNFries, not really helping. It's a work around, we all know those, but what is wanted is a fix. Having anything like "From evernote:" or other branding which adds no value to the reader of the mail is just spam.
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