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  1. Same problem using the EN app on a MacBook. If you switch back and forth between EN and another app - say Chrome - when you go back to EN it opens your full list of notes, not the actual note that you've been working on. Even though that note is still open as a separate window. It may highlight the note in the list and show it on the side panel, but it brings you back to the top of the note. Real PITA and productivity issue. I thought EN was meant to take notes, it actually makes it harder.
  2. Does anyone have this problem : the note you're editing doesn't remain on top of your open notes when you switch between applications on MacOS. So if I'm editing a note, I switch to Chrome for a second and come back to the Evernote app, instead of landing on that note that I was editing, I land on the main Evernote window. I have to push it aside to get to the active note, or reopen it. Thanks
  3. Hi, the scenario is this : I'm editing a note open as a standalone window. I switch to another app - say Chrome -, then I switch back to Evernote by clicking the Evernote icon on my Dock. That used to take me directly to the note that was open so I could continue editing it. It now defaults to the main Evernote "dashboard". The note I was editing is now hidden behind, so I have to reopen it from the main Evernote dashboard, or move the dashboard away to display my note. That's a huge productivity loss. Is there a setting I haven't activated ? Anyone facing the same issue ? Thanks
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