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  1. So, I received a letter from support. Basically a lot of copypasted yada yada without any meaningful answers (funny, there *is* a button to focus on a single note, which I finally noticed, but I did it myself; not a word about it from support). Still, I strongly believe that all of us should WRITE TO SUPPORT and TWEET with @evernote mention about our problems with new version. Do not write just here. If I understand anything about corporations, it's the only way for public opinion to get into their reports and/or their attention. I'm not talking about spamming. Write about your way
  2. Out of curiosity several days ago I decided to install the new version. Well, good thing I did it on secondary Windows laptop. The v10 is not the update I hoped to receive. Previous macOS version already had cleaner look while lacking some Windows functions. I hoped new version will take best parts from both desktop clients (ok, maybe with some trade-offs I can live with). Yet they basically ported iOS one. On desktop it feels like an alternative homebrew slow java/emulated client for my EN database. Certainly NOT going to update EN on my primary device in the nearest future. v10 bre
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