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  1. All set - I wound up uninstalling on all the machines I had Evernote on- also did a thorough “clean” before reinstalling. can only guess it was some remnant from a previous/older version works just fine again thanks for the quick feedback/input
  2. Running Windows ver 10.8.4 (2349) and whenever I double-click on an existing (or new) note, it will not open in a new windows as expected. Also, using the r-click open and selecting 'Open in New Window' also does not work either. Running Windows 10 Pro ver 20H2 (OS Build 19042.804) Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop. Screenshots show that it appears Evernote is "trying" to display the new window which can be seen by using Windows Key + TAB (thumbnail task view) but it simply can't be opened even after clicking on it in this display mode. In the previous version it was happening too - and after stopping
  3. This is an issue in the new version for certain - there's no sync capability in the Windows app. And along with this, I've had a couple duplicate notes now across other devices because of this missing in Windows. Needs to ALWAYS be present, esp. on Windows/Mac desktop applications especially if this would prevent dup notes.
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