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  1. I clicked on resolved button above and don't see any recommendations to resolve this issue. I have reboot both computer and app and nothing changes. Guess it is time to move on from Evernote and find something else. I've been using this app for years but if I can't use it then it's no good. I don't even see a sync button anymore.
  2. Does anyone have any answers for why I can't see my notes on my Mac since Evernote updated itself. I am fixing to delete this app and move on to something else. I know I am using the free version but looks like those using the paid version are having issues too. Since I am using the free version I have no access to get in contact with anyone at Evernote to try and get this resolved or least it is so well hidden that I can't figure out how. Please someone help!!!
  3. For me it downloaded itself last night as I had read this version didn't have all the features of the previous one and I had no plans to download this version. I also can't see any of my notes on my Mac but can on my iPhone. I don't want things to download themselves on my computer. If anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.
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