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  1. Yes, refreshing the browser window is currently the only way possible. Only issue I have with that is the time it takes and the unwanted unfocus it creates for my workflows...
  2. Current the Expand button, to give focus to the current node by expanding it and removing the notes list and more, is in the top-right corner. I would like to suggest it is moved to the top middle with the reminder, shortcut, info and delete buttons are. As far as I understand those four are only affecting the current visible note and since the Expand-button in reality are too it would make more sense to place it there.
  3. I really like the new Evernote web beta, the way it has removed a lot of stuff that took focus from the work and at the same time kept the layout from the small screen to the bigger ones. It's just one thing I can find yet: - How to refresh/reload the notes list without reloading the whole page. The Elephant up in the left corner is grey and not interactive, nor can I find any other buttons or options that allows me to get Evernote to update the list so that new items, such as after a new webclip, are visible for me to work on. Personally I would like to have this in a notification ico
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