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  1. Still waiting. I hear Penultimate plays nice with leftys! Confirm/Deny? Any leftys using an alternate app in the meantime?
  2. I only want this if the development team can hold my gaze when I inform them that I'm left handed. I have a tablet. Can't find an app that won't create a huge mess once I start to write. And no, I'm not going to write with my hand unaturally suspended in mid air. If anyone has found a solution, paid, free or indentured servitude, for Android tablets, please clue me in! I've tried Quill & Super Note. Any lefties out there? Thank you!
  3. I'll throw my hat into the ring. It's a poor message to send either direction. If you have to put a sticker with your company name on it everywhere, you're struggling. If you can't afford the level of service that removes the promotional adds, you're struggling. That's not the message I want this useful app to send. Please remove this for premium users, or minimize it and convey that it's a premium account.
  4. I searched and found a tutorial on linking twitter to get my highlighted notes from my Kindle to my Notebooks. Lots of steps that were new to me. Worked it out. Disappointing. I went to my Evernote account and instead of the highlight - it's just a link! If I wanted a link I could just bookmark Amazon's site where they list my highlights. I understand that there are limitations on hooking Evernote directly into the Kindle, but is there any way to get the twitter go-between option to send the actual highlight? Did I configure something incorrectly?
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