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  1. Is there anyway to select a notebook where the clip will go? I used to be able do this. In preferences there is an option for use last, Smart filing, and start with. Start with menu doesn't work.
  2. Much has been said here. I just wanted to cast my vote for password protected notebooks. Encrypting text is ok, however the text which is so valuable that you would encrypt it...can be deleted without decrypting it. That user flow doesn't make sense to me. It's a great first step. I would love to lock a note and/or a notebook. As many have mentioned, the need for feature keeps me using other software while still loving my Evernote. Thanks
  3. Why is it that the moderators in this forum are often the most negative and anti-user-centered? I see people get shot down so hard for basically expressing a need. I've been torn to pieces about ideas I've brought up that later came to fruition. It would be really productive to talk more about how exactly you use evernote now in regards to the requested feature and how you use similar tools that do the feature you're requesting. Debating the obstacles is pointless. Identifying them to educate each other maybe but I would still say that's not the most productive discussion to have here.
  4. What's the update on tabs? Shortcuts (https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23168732) still describe a tab feature that does not work. I'd rather not argue about why tabs can't work. Possibly more productive is to discuss if they are a valuable feature to move forward with. Simple tabs are a common way to organize text in a note. This would obviously be very helpful. Is it in the works? "Tab" may not mean what we know as tabs in text editors. Let's not talk about how and maybe more about the level of need to accomplish tasks/scenarios. If we establish that this is an important need the product managers and engineers can work out how or if it is possible. Thanks
  5. So what's your point Metrodon? The forum is here for me to voice opinions about a product I pay for. When I do I get the passive aggressive reprimand ? Is that what you do here? OK, here's my point. Imagine this scenario, I discover a really great product that had been going for a couple of years, it has 8m+ users and has won loads of awards. I use this product for a little while and discover that it doesn't have a feature that is a MUST HAVE for ME. So I go to this product's pretty active user forum and I don't do a quick search for the MUST HAVE for ME feature, which is a little lazy, because after all if it is that IMPORTANT you'd think that other people would have thought about it before. No, what I do is that I create a new topic and post not just the feature request (which would have been lazy admittedly without a search in itself) but also describe the fact this MUST HAVE for ME feature isn't there as some sort of programmatical disaster. Then I go and find another thread and make the same point again. My point I hope is clear, Evernote have stated a number of times that the security of your device is your responsibility. They will try to help as they can, for example PIN codes have just come to Android devices and I'm sure will soon be on iOS as well. I'm guessing eventually that PINs/passwords will exist on every device, eventually, for now it seems like it is not a high priority. This may not be ideal for you, to me it doesn't matter one iota. When I'm not sitting in front of my computer I lock it - no one can get casual access without my password. My Evernote data is protected, but so is everything else on my machine. As a Mac user you have a bunch of different options to secure your machine, if you have to share your machine with other users then set up fast user switching, if you share with casual users set up a guest account. Learn to lock your machine when you aren't in front of it - I have shift+control+eject set up to lock the screen, it's easy to configure. Go further and use TrueCrypt or something similar to encrypt your whole hard drive. I guess what I've learnt from being on here a lot is that the MUST HAVE for ME feature actually may not be that important or useful to anyone else and just because it's the MUST HAVE for ME feature doesn't mean that Evernote have screwed up by not implementing it. Well said. Actually I've been reading the boards for months and just don't need to get sucked into the why's or hows. It''s something that makes sense and worth causing a little noise. There's ton of activity on here. How could I have missed it. I appreciate the sincere attempts to resolve. But defending the technical obstacles doesn't push anything forward. It's a little sad that you're so passionate about arguing for not having something that you don't care 2¢ about. A little strange actually.
  6. Thanks very much. Still would love to see it as a native feature but this sounds like it would get the job done. I've also just considered using only the web ui, just seems a shame. Appreciate the ideas.
  7. and these are scenarios that haven't been solved for? I'm mainly asking for front end pw protection. There's a html pw on my account online. That one makes sense. Why would I not have a similar "option" for my desktop machine? The open backdoor is a whole other story.
  8. Fair enough Jeff.Point taken, not here to debate over the intent. But I hear you. I'm not honestly interested in philosophizing the original goal. I see it as a reasonable user need. You guys have spent more time in the forum than I have. Am I really alone on this? And do you disagree with a revision request to protect my private notes?
  9. So what's your point Metrodon? The forum is here for me to voice opinions about a product I pay for. When I do I get the passive aggressive reprimand ? Is that what you do here?
  10. I think you missed the "in my opinion" part of your sentence. No, definitely didn't miss that. The app requires a pw to sync yet the current notes are still visible. What's the point? You don't need a key to get into my car but if you want to drive it you do. I can't imagine my opinion here is unique.
  11. You require a password for the app to sync but not to open all of my notes. This is a huge oversight.
  12. It's absolutely ridiculous that the app cannot be set to not open without a password. All of this talk of third party solutions is woefully inadequate. Evernote, step it up.
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