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  1. Can't find how to roll back. Found a gear icon under my initial at lower left, but can't find the roll back option. It would be much appreciated if someone could post a link to a current explanation of how to get out of this thing, so I can do some work. I've already spent nearly an hour trying to figure it out, trying to find roll back solutions on this forum, etc. This web interface is NOT supposed to be some trendy minimalist mobile device app. It's supposed be (and was) a modern, efficient personal information manager (PIM). Except all the work I've put in to organize stuff is now effectively toast. Another question: why oh why did I get thrown into this so-called UI without some clear choice, some clear explanation of how to turn it off? This is anything but customer friendly. Would someone please post a link to current rollback instructions? I really need to get some things done. TIA. UPDATE: OK, I found it. Whew!
  2. This new UI royally sucks. Everything (what little is there) is kindergarten-sized buttons. Somebody apparently thinks that a real productivity application has to look like the (already outdated) "flat" dumbed-down page, or look like some little kid's telephone toy. Geez! I am on a quest to find out how to roll this back so I can get some work done. I really hope that's possible. I use the web UI all the time (nothing else exists for Linux!!!) and I can't be taking hours to figure this thing out -- assuming that's even possible. I've been a premium customer for years, but won't be for long if I can't roll this back. I'd rather figure out how to export everything than spend time trying to work with this brain dead UI. Did I mention it sucks?
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