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  1. I just tried that...still rainbow spinny thingy. Do I need to delete my database or something?
  2. Post upgrade Evernote is hanging. Infinite spinning thingy.
  3. Post upgrade Evernote is hanging. Infinite spinning thingy.
  4. The content was originally received in an email. It's an HTML email. I forwarded that email to Evernote.
  5. Still doesn't work in 6.0.2. This is really bad.
  6. I have some notes that have objects pasted in them. They are text but they are still objects. I used to be able to select text within the object. Now I can't. Just clicking anywhere in the object selects the whole object. The notes are somewhat useless now.
  7. Selecting text seems broken. I click in a note, everything turns blue like it's selected. It's not working.
  8. Yes, that's what I meant by "paste without formatting" not working. I did the pasting that way and it still turned hostnames into URL (which I don't want it to do).
  9. I'm getting used to Evernote and before I plunk down my cash I want to figure something out. Paste without formatting doesn't really seem to work. I tried creating a configuration snippet in TextEdit. I'm a network engineer, so it looked like this: aaa authentication-server radius "radius.foo.com" host key $SECRET authport 1645 I then pasted that into a note I have in Evernote. "radius.foo.com" got turned in to a hyperlink. I do NOT want that. Is there a way to either select a whole note and remove anything that? The configuration snippet actually had several stanzas like that, and clicking on each link separately and removing it was VERY annoying.
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