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  1. Hi. Old XP computer mostly dead. Pulled the custom EN directory off the drive, installed EN from web on new Win8 computer and created new custom directory with same name and all EN data from old computer. When I try to change the new EN's directory, it tells me it will overwrite existing data. If I do it the other way around--overwrite the new EN's data with the old, I don;t know which files to overwrite, or even if the EN versions are compatible and I might mess something up. My Q... How do I force the newly-installed EN to use the old EN's user-stored data (including LOCAL notebooks) -- notes, tags, hopefully settings as well? I have not done a synch yet, haven't done anything for fear I'll ***** something up. Thanks for any help!
  2. I'm using Firefox and Safari. Just tested again. Same thing in FF 3.6.17 and Safari 5.05 on Windows XP. EN v4.0.2 or so it says. I just downloaded v4 but canceled the install when I saw it would delete the previous (3.5?) version--I want to do a clean startup first. Everything looks okay in the preview window--but not online or in the synced note itself. Be happy to email you copies. I tried to paste my code in here, server wouldn't let me. Don't think I have any styling preferences specified, so it must be default. Care to make a suggestion? Have to say that even when I selected the badge I'm using now on your buttonmaker, the buttonmaker gave me a script calling up the wrong png. No idea why. So maybe there's some other glitch here? I don't see anything. I just made the button yesterday or the day before. Emailed a copy to myself: it's black text, but has code all over it. Thanks for taking a look!
  3. Doesn't hurt me; should be important to them.
  4. I'm not the one looking to expand EN's user base. If they implement, they gain potentially thousands, if not tens of thousands of websites, and many more users. Not much to maintain, and I believe (could be wrong) multiple browsers are irrelevant: look for code, paste code with page; user's EN reads code, changes text display color. It's all on the EN side, so browsers and versions don't matter; they all read text color the same way.
  5. True--but I'm not changing the entire site "look" because EN can't tell the difference between white and black. I'd sooner drop EN. It's nice. It's not crucial.
  6. It's one code snippet: look for EN-specific text color designation, paste text in that color.
  7. Thanks for the tips--but I'm afraid none of that helps. I'm running the website; I need the text to show up in OTHER PEOPLE'S notebooks--those who visit the website. So I either find a way to instruct THEIR clipper to change the text and/or background colors, or direct their clippers to clip an alternate and unseen page (which would be a pain and would hit SEO hard)--or I stop using EN on the site. I really don't see changing the entire site's look just to make EN work... If this capability doesn't exist, it would certainly be easy for EN to implement. Still hoping for a fix...
  8. Just implemented EN on Thesis blog. Everything works fine--BUT the clip function preserves the light text color and puts it on a white background--making it damned near invisible. Is there a way to instruct EN to alter the text and/or background color when clipping from the site and pasting into visitors' notebooks? If not, EN is useless to me. Which would be a pity. Thanks for any help! Here's a sample page to clip: http://makeyourbookamovie.com/make-your ... ywood/121/
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