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  1. Software is now a required part of life, and has become essential. We need developers to be more careful! I changed my post to remove a couple of words about needing new laws. The original wording is what is being responded to below. I chickened, I guess. You know, be nice. Political correctness. Didn't mean to hijack the thread.
  2. When a topic is pinned, it looks like the little box, such as MAC, is overlayed with the word PINNED, and so since the title of this thread does nogt contain the word MAC, it is not eviden t that this is a AC thread. The title needs to have MAC added, for now, and the forun software needs to be corrected. Thanks! Or maybe all the windows people need to read this, and it was intentioinal? Woops, the forum software is ok on other posts. Liiks like the MAC was left off this thread intentionally, or by mistake.
  3. My Windows Evernote has, since I can remember, for a couple of years, done a Sync at startup. So, why is this a suggestion, if it already was working? Any nobody mentioned the Sync on exit option to the OP. Go to Options, and set Sync on Exit option under sync tab. To shut down, use the file dropdown on the top left of the window, and select exit. This will cause a sync if anything has been updated (or at least it does on mine). So, what about Sync? It EN Windows supposed to sync on startup, first time from system startup? It used to work! Why was he not told? Am I missing something?
  4. I was running Evernote Windows 4.5.9 RC, and NEVER noticed this on it or before: I, as of yesterday, am running Evernote Winows 4.5.10, and I just brought up my XP from shutdown very early this morning, after at least 9 hours of being powered off, started Evernote after the system was completely up and Norton Internet Security updated, like I always do, and EN did not Sync after I entered my User and Password on the EN signon screen. I have always had to wait for it to do that before today. Isn't it supposed to Sync when it comes up? I think It always (for a couple of years) has before. Has something changed in 4.5.10? There were fixes in 4.5.9 to stop repeated instant Sync when not connected to the internet, so I wonder how it turned out in 4.5.10?? Thanks!
  5. I hope the ticket gets you help - I am not a Mac person, but does the icloud or other backups you might have, include a backup of the Evernote files on your machine? Do you have an old hard drive or other backup, or an old machine that might have it? Might be able to find it there, but be sure to only copy the files, and don't let Evernote access them directly. Just suggesting. Let us know what happens. Good Luck!
  6. Burgers, thanks for the comment. Actually, your title sounds like a threat. Glad to know you had nothing to do with it, right?
  7. This might not be a sync problem per se, but the whole sync facility is suspect, especially recently. I have asked via tickets previously, for some facility to compare my local db to the servers, at least as far as note names, and record counts, and maybe some hash totals, etc., but I don't think I got a reply. The sync facility should have such checks at a minimum built in, to attempt to insure data integrity, but it appears that such is not built into the Windows platform?? Or the servers? I have always doubted whether the Web app/servers actually reflect what is on my PC, since there is no way to even verify it, and it looks like EN does not have it built in. I have backups I run daily to idrive offsite backup, in hopes that it will save me if the server doesn't match. Since a lot of people are not using the web interface regularly, and might not notice on other platforms, even if they do use them, if it is not bulit in, how would mismatch ever be detected?? More lost data - like this OP and others. Sounds like there needs to be some sort or audit program, and that the whole idea of sync needs to be hardened. Anybody agree?
  8. mistake and kirkill, do you know what level you were on previously? And were you getting sync messages on the lower right of your screen regularly? Is the notebook containing the note set to local? idrive seems to be a good backup program - www.idrive.com/p=idr101
  9. dlu, I just noticed my current title. What does it mean, and who/what set it to Alliance Lackey?
  10. Oh boy. More sync issues. I suggest you open a ticket against the Evernote Sync, to find out if they have any newer version of your file stashed somewhere, and why your file was not being synced all this time. Do you have any kind of backup of the Evernote files that are on your PC? If you have something like idrive www.idrive.com/p=idr101 that backs up changed files every day, and keeps 30 iterations, you might have a copy of it. You can also copy/paste a copy of the Evernote files to your own HD from time to time, or burn it to a DVD, just in case. Let us know. Good Luck! (I was composing my reply prior to dlu's advice.)
  11. I myself paid $45 per year just over a year ago. It renewed at the same price in 2012. Looks like it is still $45 per year now. As I thought I said, I don't know if EN will even do any of those possibilities, but they are things to consider. You might make more money by waiting, even if it does get more expensive later. It could also decrease. I also wanted to have the history, support, ssl (now used without premium, also?), possibility for big uploads, and other features without wondering if I was going to run into the non-premium limitations. Google Evernote Premium and look at premium differences. You do know they have group and school discounts. Anybody else pay less than $45 per year, and when/how did you sign up? Thanks!
  12. Other services of various types did not pass on the increase to existing customers. I believe the fairly recent T-Mobile increase is not passed to previous plan owners, and I missed $5 per month from now on. Heard of Verizon unlimited data that is only available to grandfathered (prior existing) plans? I have 2 maxemail plans that are only $14.95 per year, and I think they charge much more now, and I think I still have unlimited messaging. IDrive has changed to a new platform that has a lot of status and report details missing that they won't fix on the new one - I'm on the old platform at least for now. Just a few of many examples. Don't know what EN will do, but I have kicked myself for not taking the special, or introductory price in the past.
  13. Well, I've been using the Windows client for years, and so far, I've been ok. Bear in mind that there are millions of users, and we only see the complaints. I've seen videos of people loading to Evernote as each bill comes in, and shredding the bill on the spot. I don't. One big thing that I like about Evernote is that it keeps the info on my PC, and in the cloud, or I would have never used it. I do run idrive every day to back up my files including the Evernote database, and idrive keeps 30 iterations. Another trick is to copy over the database to a unique name, and idrive never automatically deletes anything, so you can be good way back. www.idrive.com/p=idr101 (Never had to restore Evernote from it, though - fingers crossed - Premium Evernote users are supposed to get notes backed up about every 8 hours, and are supposed to be able to go back to old versions. Think I did once.) P.S. My cell crashed one time, and I lost all texts. I know a contractor that lost his cell, and had to wait for people to call him before he could contact anybody. It's a jungle! Evernote looked like a good choice. Every PDF that I scan in is still stored on my PC, is searchable, and is backed up with idrive.
  14. Another unexplained sync issue. Sync and data integrity trump everything else!
  15. If the multi page scan is not working (my S1100 feeds each page into one PDF which is finalized when I hit the scan button that is lit after the last page is scanned), then... To merge notes in order, highlight the first note. Then hold the cntl key, and click each note in order you want. Then, right click and select merge while tue cursor is still on the last note (don't know if it has to be on last note), or hit the merge button. Voila! Anybody give you the answer that works for you?
  16. I suggest: Open a thread here with a very descriptive title so others can weigh in, probably one per suggestion. Open a ticket if something seems to be a bug, and keep after them - probably should do there and here, just to make sure everybody knows. As you see by comments made, and from my experience, there is no official directive. This product and user base is huge. Keep good backups!
  17. txtev.com is owned by some guy in Brazil with a gmail contact. So, is he getting all the info you send via text? What security/privacy concerns are there here? Can he access your Evernote account? I didn't think Evernote had reminders? Is his system doing that?
  18. I meant to say that there are just OVER 12 30 day periods. But, guess what - I see some places where it says MONTHLY, and others 30 days. And I do think Premium is monthly, but I'm not sure if free is just 30 days. Oh, well. Use google, or open a ticket to support. But if I were you, I signed up for Premium paid yearly in case they grandfather us in a price increase in the future, and for all the other benefits. It has happened on other services. Uh, it says my renewal is on the same date in 2013 that it renewed on in 2012, so that is how premium yearly works. I'm on the 30th, because that month that I went Premiumn in, only had 30 days, and I didn't want to wait a month, but you can do it on the the 31st, and that is when it will renew every year. I wanted the history feature, and was scared they would change the limits or raise the price, so I went ahead. You might be better to do it on the 1st, though, in case you go monthly, etc. Halloween Premium. Whatever. Anyway, thanks for the thanks!
  19. I'm betting the real support people only track tickets. "Tickets!", "Tickets everybody!", "Tickets". I think I heard this in a movie on a train. :-) By the way, data loss due to overlay or otherwise is a disaster. I'm seeing a good number of complaints in this area. It also looks like backups could not even get these people their data back, since it seems to involves the sync strategy. There are no acceptable losses.
  20. Did all of you having this problem get this bug reported with a support ticket?
  21. Looks like bolding, italics, are available. Can't use them? And I'm not sure how highlighting would show up with various color settings, and across various platforms, etc. That might open a big can of worms?
  22. I think what you are looking for is under Tools => Clipping Preferences. Try unchecking one of the Clipping Options and do an Add to make sure.
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