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  1. Broke mine as well (the Mac update, that is). I get an exception type SIGABRT, and an "uncaught exception MissinReasourceException, reason Unable to instantiate ENMLValidationHelper m.
  2. Wow. Ugly new skin, imperceptible icons. Did the chefs leave the restaurant? m.
  3. Hi, 10.7.5 and EN is the latest. I looked into the Library folder, EN's sync database had mushroomed to 1.7 gig (way bigger than my real data), with tens of thousands of segments, so that seemed to be the problem. I made a copy of EN's folders, deleted the sync one, and downloaded 5.2.0 Beta for fun, all is running pretty right now, no data lost :-) Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hi all - any suggestions, feedback? EN now stopped syncing, mac os or android...
  5. Hi, today my EN is stuck in downloading mode - I can open notes, create and delete - but the blue spinning wheel and progress bar at bottom never go away. Force quitting, etc, nothing helps... what gives? mike
  6. Bravo for bringing back the top list!!! Well done! (and thanks for listening) mike
  7. I want the horizontal list view back please. Like many others, I thought I had set something incorrectly by accident, then I thought it was a bug. I use 2 monitors, and like someone above the second one is a widescreen rotated 90 degrees, dedicated mostly to Evernote, with the list above, the sidebar, and the note at bottom. I am quite p**d that this view was stolen from me. Evernote gets the trophy (previously Adobe) for the software company that most p**s off its customers by making sneaky UI changes. Yeah, yeah - "We discussed it in the forum..."
  8. In fact, EN, as great and useful as it is (and I love it) lacks some basic UI customizations that are common everywhere. These are not just minor annoyances, they are productivity issues, really. Seems like EN stopped improving a year ago, at least in the front end. I know it didn't but it feels like it. I think it is a fairly critical time for Evernote. If someone else comes along with a competing product that has a better, more customizable UI, how hard is it to just more everything to the new app? Not too hard.
  9. Jack, One of the reasons I used the trash in the (customizable) toolbar was for deleting a multiple selection. Sure, I can do this via right-click. I appreciate the UI change, now putting file-level controls in the right place, and reserving the top toolbar for application level controls. As it works now, if I multiselect, in the preview panel below I get a widget with controls for doing all the functions I can do to a single selection - except one, which is delete. Wouldn't it be more consistent to include a delete / trash here as well? - it is not a high risk user action, given that the files are moved to Trash... (see shot)
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