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  1. Stunning that this can't be fixed. This is not a design feature but a flaw, or rather a dictate from Evernote that we "must use the tool the way we want you to". One simple fix, no need to complicate things: "Share this notebook" with a check box option "allow tagging". That would make a lot of people happy. And I wouldn't guess that it is a huge technical hurdle. You guys at evernote might now like it, but your users seem to want it. Let us make a mess of our tags(mine are a mess anyways) if we want to.
  2. Just need to say, I've been banging my head trying to figure out what I was doing wrong here. How can list view not be an option? Seriously, I thought I was missing something obvious, as this is beyond reasonable to be asking for.
  3. I hate the problem I'm having on the phone when it comes to naming a new note, tagging it, adding it to a notebook and possibly a photo. I have one idea how this could be made a lot easier and streamlined. Why not allow me to select specific words to use as tags. Meaning this. When I clip something which includes text, if within that text certain pre-determined words exist they would be automatically added to my tags. So I define for example: Wine, Red Wine, Cabernet as tags I want to use then when I clip a page like this: http://www.adegga.com/wine/AVIN0575315118783 Evernote would automatically apply the "safe tags" from the text. Just an idea, I know search does this somewhat, but I would like to use tags to organize, and sort, and this would be a great way to do it IMHO Cheers,
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