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  1. I use Penultimate for work everyday. I have Notebooks for each project or course I’m running, each with lots of notes. I don’t mind the old ones cluttering up muy Evernote, but I want to find a way to archive them from Penultimate. All they do is make it hard for me to find my current notbooks. I searched and found some discussion abou this, but from years ago. I can’t believe that there has been nothing done about this, so can someone point me in the direction of what to do about archiving/hiding old notebooks in Penultimate? Before, I go back to using my previous writing APP Thanks.
  2. Did you get anywhere with this. My ipad works fine, but my iPhone us having issues downloading large notebooks.
  3. I bought EverClipper. It lets you edit the compression and clip the image. Much better for evernote.
  4. Yeh, I just tested the same things. I think the search-able pdf feature in Premium is to be able to find PDFs that contain the text.
  5. This would be useful. I take shots of stuff (wine bottle labels for example) but the images are a lot bigger than I need. Would rather not then have to change them.
  6. It would be really useful if there was a setting to store images at a different size. I want to take shots with my iPhone, but the images are bigger than I need.
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