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  1. Hey Evernote staff, I use my xoom primarily for evernote, I take my class notes on engineering paper and scan everything (including tests.. handouts.. ect.) into evernote. I use my xoom in class to lookup past notes and pdf's of my course books. So far the experience has been very good but I have just a couple things I would like to see changed that I think apply to the regular android version as well. 1) One click pdf launching... it's very annoying to try to open a note just to have to click on a tiny (and on the xoom it is TINY) little grey bar to launch the pdf externally. I don't see why this step can't be bypassed altogether... I know evernote can't open pdfs internally but just switch things to launch from the actual note thumbnail please! 2)Because of this annoyance with pdfs I know scan all of my notes in as jpegs (the quality and file size is actually much better than my pdfs of note sheets I used to make... go figure) However when I open a note the jpeg isn't maximized on the screen. I have to pinch drag it... can we please get an option to view jpegs at page width? -one note... I use my xoom exclusively in portrait mode so when you guys make a honeycomb version dont go all honeycomb marketplace (forces you into landscape... horrible) on us and optimize for landscape.. landscape on the xoom is a joke. The device is just not sized correctly for this (apple went with their aspect ratio for reasons that are all to obvious to me now). Everyone I know that has a xoom uses it only in portrait.. just a heads up. -second note... I realize my points are very minor and seem like things that shouldn't be bitched about. Take this as a complement! Evernote is exactly what I need to stay organized through a fairly difficult engineering major. My gripes mainly surface because of my heavy use in classes... it's tough to be fumbling around through opening many pdfs through the little grey bar or pinch zooming on jpegs franticly trying to find something in my notes to ask a prof or to glance at before a test/quiz. Anyways thanks evernote and I hope you begin to focus more support on tablets (honeycomb and ipad alike). I feel like these devices are prime for evernote use (far more so than smartphones) and you could see a lot of new premium users in the future if the tablet app quality is there. The availability of evernote for android with a fairly good interface (especially considering it's designed for 4" phones) is what got me to buy a xoom and become a premium evernote subscriber in the first place. I have another friend with an ipad who is in the same boat. Thanks, Ben
  2. Well today I have been experimenting with just having my flatbed scanner shoot jpegs into a folder on my desktop. I then create an evernote note and just drag them into the blank space in order and they form what is essentially a super tall and regular width jpeg. The file size is roughly 1/3 of my pdf files and is much better on my tablet. The epson scan software is actually quite good, with auto image cropping and some pretty nice desharpening. Have to say I think I'm done with scan drop and done with pdf's all together. With the jpegs all in one note they are navigated through the same way as pdf's and i dont need my external viewer! Thanks for the info on the pdf conversion... so you are saying that I am going to have to save each pdf file in evernote to my harddrive locally and then convert them individually to jpegs... then import them back into evernote? Not a big deal but not exactly what I want to spend my weekend doing
  3. Hello everyone, I have been using scandrop to upload my handwritten notes (on engineering paper) in pdf format to evernote. I find it very convenient because it allows me to easily group multiple pages into one note. I spend most of my time accessing my notes using my xoom, and (also with ipad) when you open a pdf note it displays an annoyingly tiny little grey bar that forces you to launch the pdf externally. This is finally getting on my nerves as the notes that are stored in jpeg format are not any larger in size and are much more easy (and speedy) to navigate through. Scandrop does not allow me to upload in a jpeg format, so is there any way I can simply continue using my current method but convert from pdf to jpeg within evernote? I could care less about ocr... Thanks and I appreciate any advice I receive!
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