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  1. Evernote is partially geared to let me move between tasks quickly and organize my life. If I have to mess around with a mouse moving around the screen, it's slow. Take a look at Sublime Text 2 for example, everything can be done on the keyboard. For example this is my workflow: my inbox is where I put all my new notes. I will come in later and organize them Tag notes Move to another notebook if I have 10 notes, that's 10 trips to the menu to move to another notebook, instead of just CMD-M or something that would pop up a list of notebooks that I could filter through using intellisense, and just hit enter when i've got the notebook I want. I know the easier solution would be to go to the notes in the list, select multiple and drag them over, but this doesn't work when i want to only be looking at one note at a time. Doing it the drag and drop way I have to context switch from "one note" to "all notes", which isn't as efficient. Just a thought.. shouldn't be hard to implement.
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