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  1. I've noticed I can no longer take a screenclip and add additional (non-annoated, as in actual non-image text) text to it in its dedicated note. It seems to just treat screenclips as images that can't be added to. If this behavior is intended, it's insane. It's really messing up my workflow un-necessarily and I can't fathom any possible benefit this would actually have for anyone. So please, I beg you, bring back the original behavior.

  2. I hate the Chrome plugin. HATE. WHY do I have to keep logging in? Just remember me FOREVER please.

    Also it clips images poorly, not preserving the filename unlike the Firefox3 plugin which will retain the name of the image (so when you save it out later they all won't be generic name 001, 002).

    Also the updated plugin for Firefox 4 is now the same one as Chrome, which is a HUGE step backwards. The version for Firefox 3 was perfect, so WTF.

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