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  1. I've noticed I can no longer take a screenclip and add additional (non-annoated, as in actual non-image text) text to it in its dedicated note. It seems to just treat screenclips as images that can't be added to. If this behavior is intended, it's insane. It's really messing up my workflow un-necessarily and I can't fathom any possible benefit this would actually have for anyone. So please, I beg you, bring back the original behavior.
  2. So, Evernote has pretty much a godsend for organizing my notes. The problem I have now is that I tend to not review my notes as often as I'd like, and consciously sitting down and doing so just doesn't occur to me as often as I'd prefer. What would be fantastic would be a option to have Evernote mail me a customized email on a daily/weekly/etc basis containing all notes with [x] tags in them ,or were clipped within [x] dates, or etc. etc. Just a thought.
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