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  1. Hi BurgersNFries Now I understand! Thanks for the extra detail - makes perfect sense now. I will do as you suggest. I appreciate the reply. Bruce
  2. Hi I thought I already had? Usually when you post a question on a forum others on the forum try and provide an answer. The link you have given me takes you round in circles. If I choose option 3 Create a new Support Inquiry, it takes me back to the same page. Sorry, but this process obviously makes sense to you. It doesn't to me at the moment - unless you feel like enlightening me? Thank you :?
  3. Hello This is my first posting - I'm new to Evernote. I hope someone can help me. I have uploaded a few JPEGs into the browser version of Evernote on my Mac. I have tried several times to sync these with my iPhone, but all I see are tiny grey buttons with blue squares with ? marks on. This has never happened before, and I have successfully uploaded and synced JPEGs of a bigger size than these before, no problem. The images are around 300kb in size, standard JPEG format - nothing unusual about them at all. If I 'hold' on the little blue icons or hold the refresh button nothing changes. If you can help me, thanks a lot! Bruce
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