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  1. Yeah - rich content and media is past the capability of RTF. Hmmm... I'll think about it to. The bottom line to my thought process is to have the user interface to a less corruptible / less fragile / standardized code or format in memory and translate the document as a whole back and forth to your storage in the background. Or store the edited data in its native format on your database and do the HTML translation for the web interface only. The only other option I can think of is pretty intense - code your own UI with a proprietary markup (revise ENML?) that is less fragile, with translation classes from the common document formats (RTF, HTML, images, links, etc.). You could start with something modeled after RTF and extend it. It would give you complete control rather than trying to fight with a coding that isn't really designed for real-time document editing. I'll admit I don't know anything about your ENML to know where it is in the process or what it currently entails. For your installed base, and power users especailly, this is probably the biggest thing that takes some of the shine off of an otherwise excellent product.
  2. I'm sure someone probably thought of this, but what if you switched to an RTF or home-grown editor for the (non-web) front end, and write a standardized RTF-HTML-RTF class? Seems like you could do a translation from one to the other fairly cleanly. Heck - you probably already have the code from your document import capability. The issue appears to be the HTML is degrading with each change in formatting by the user. Each successive edit to a increasingly complex / cloudy HTML code makes it worse. Instead, don't change the HTML on the fly from the UI - write the HTML once after the user is done with the document in memory/UI. It may generate cleaner more robust HTML. Just a thought.
  3. I apologize for dipping into anger and speculation, I'm just frustrated with this long-standing issue (as are MANY others if you scour this board). It's not in how I use it, it's not something I'm doing wrong, it's the WSYWIG HTML editor you guys use. I don't know if you're using a third-party product or if it's in-house, but it falls down too easily if you do manually enter/edit anything outside of a simple text document. Formatting is difficult and frustrating. If I have to bullet, outline, or format anything, it takes longer to enter it in to Evernote and fight the formatting issues than to open another piece of software to write the document and then copy it into Evernote. I'm not the only one who has resorted to this. Hell, I just had to do it this morning. If I can do it in wordpad on Windows or in a simple text editor app on Android, I should be able to do it in Evernote.
  4. I have been an Evernote premium user for some time. I have it on two Windows machines and on my two Android devices. In all of the time I have used Evernote, the editor has NEVER been anything but HORRENDOUS! And it's consistently bad across all platforms! Bulleted lists and outlines randomly change indentation and grouping Changing fonts frequently breaks formatting Changes to formatting on one section of text randomly breaks or reformats other areas Once you manage to get your document formatted the way you want and sync/save it, the next time you edit it it will blow up all over again I hate to say it, but they've gotten big enough where they feel they can ignore complaints about stuff they don't want to deal with (likely because of difficulty re-writing and/or expense buying new editor controls). Seems they're all about drawing new subscribers with big features lists, and not so much about fixing painful issues for the existing base.
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