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  1. @daleaslawrence: there is more than enough storage space left on the iPad. And it is already running the latest version of IpadOS (14).
  2. @PinkElephant: I am using the same account on all devices, and I am not sharing any notes with others.
  3. Since about a month, the syncing of notes on specifically Evernote on my iPad is quite often unreliable. In the sense that updates I make on the iPad are not synced at all, or properly (maybe very slowly updated?). This leads to quite a lot of conflicted notes that I have to fix. Additional info: I use Evernote on my iMac, Android phone, and in Chrome (on Windows), and it all works fine there. The problems only occur on the iPad; I am running iPadOS 13.7 and Evernote 10.1; At the moment, I only use the iPad at home, where the Wifi is very reliable. Other devices in my ho
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