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  1. @daleaslawrence: there is more than enough storage space left on the iPad. And it is already running the latest version of IpadOS (14).
  2. @PinkElephant: I am using the same account on all devices, and I am not sharing any notes with others.
  3. Since about a month, the syncing of notes on specifically Evernote on my iPad is quite often unreliable. In the sense that updates I make on the iPad are not synced at all, or properly (maybe very slowly updated?). This leads to quite a lot of conflicted notes that I have to fix. Additional info: I use Evernote on my iMac, Android phone, and in Chrome (on Windows), and it all works fine there. The problems only occur on the iPad; I am running iPadOS 13.7 and Evernote 10.1; At the moment, I only use the iPad at home, where the Wifi is very reliable. Other devices in my home have no problems using this Wifi, and other apps on the iPad also do not have any connection problems; I always press the green check mark to indicate that my changes should be updated; I leave more than enough time between committing the changes on the iPad, and working on the same note(s) on other devices; Syncing from other devices to the iPad seems to work a lot more reliable/better, so it looks like the outgoing updates are the problem;
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