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  1. also... if you open a file from within the web app, it opens as read-only. No editing seems to be possible on notes unless you are on the computer you used to upload it to the cloud.
  2. I have the Android version of the Evernote App. I use the snapshot feature to take a picture of a business card. I click, and it asks me if I'm done. From there, I can upload/sync. That works great. However... what if I want to take photos of BOTH sides of the card? Instead of only giving the options of being DONE or starting a new picture, how could I take a picture of both sides of a business card, and have it save to one note? Many business cards have important info on both sides. Usually it's contact info on the front, and hours of operation on the back.
  3. I'm hooked on Evernote. Just the fact that everything is so easy to search and find in Evernote makes it a great choice. Can't wait for our little mobile scanner to show up via Fedex to get started filling some notebooks.
  4. excellent info. Thanks for pointing me to this thread. I'm turning into an Evernote fanatic.
  5. Thanks Burgernfries. (BTW... That's the best username I've ever seen).
  6. I just started using Evernote. I really love it. I think the best part is that it has thumbnails so that you can find your files many times just by seeing it. I hope to use Evernote to store our receipts and scans of paper lying around our home and office. Stuff that I might need later but don't need it sitting on the coffee table. I also looked at Dropbox. I cannot for the life of me figure out why someone would use Dropbox due to no OCR, or visual thumbnails of files. Isn't Dropbox essentially the same thing as keeping a thumbdrive in your computer. Yes... I know you can access your files across the cloud with dropbox. But, you can do that quite well with Evernote. So.... someone make me feel better that I've made the right move to using Evernote as my one-stop place to store my scans, receipts, and misc important papers as opposed to using Dropbox. Thoughts?
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