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  1. Perhaps I'm not properly understanding your request, but I am able to enter text in the EN Search block and it finds Notes with PDF files that contain that text. EN does not highlight the text in the PDF. Once I have found the Note PDF, then I open the PDF and use Acrobat to search for the text in the PDF. Will this work for you? Ich would like to request the same feature as JMUnderwood11. The highlighting of search results inside PDF documents under Windows. I am studining at the Fachhochschule NW, a school for applied science in Switzerland. The reason for this request is that I have a large variety of multipage PDF documents (~200 per semester) and opening PDF documents to find the word you're looking for each time it is mentioned inside a document is a very frustrating. Inserting the documents as images isn't possible because of following reasons: I have to make comments inside the document I should be able to extract text from a document I should be able to send these documents with comments to somebody else To find something quickly inside evernote is vital to me because the professor won't stop because I want to look up a term I made notes about. I would be very grateful if you could implement this feature in the Windows client as it is currently under Mac. Kind Regards Andreas Eberli
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