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  1. Thanks you for your suggestion.I'll visit this site again.
  2. I Would like to add the individual note sharing with certain people only . It may be different for different people.So I like my best.
  3. Hello You had done such kind. [*] Active Page [*] Some Other Page My question is whether or not it is possible to apply a style to the list item that contains the anchor with the active class on it. Obviously, I'd prefer that the list item be marked as active, but I don't have control of the code that gets produced. I could perform this sort of thing using javascript (JQuery springs to mind), but I was wondering if there is a way to do this using CSS selectors. Thanks Narung
  4. When you installed Outlook, it set the font for composing (as for reading) mail to Calibri or Arial — and "tiny". If this is not your typesetting dream team, you can adjust the font settings to suit your needs better. Recipients of your emails will be happier, too. Of course, you can change the default mail font in Outlook to anything you want. Smaller, fancier, bigger, or more conventional — Outlook accepts them all. :?
  5. Hi everybody, I like to calculate my database size , can u tell me the views and formula to calculate my DB size please.
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