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  1. Whenever I search Google for something, Evernote very helpfully puts related results out of my Evernote next to it. However, when I click it, it opens the note in the web browser. I get how that makes sense, but personally would prefer for the note to be opened in the Evernote app. Is there any way I can change this setting?
  2. Hi, As part of my job, I regularly have to review documents that my team has produced. For a while I have been looking for a way to save those documents somewhere, but nothing really seemed to be good enough to keep reminding myself the documents were awaiting my review. Now, I've settled for the time being on putting the documents into Evernote because the combination of having the document plus my comments on it and being able to send my team a link to that combination is rather powerful. The one problem I have is that I would really like a reminder things are awaiting my review. On my iPhone I have an email program which reminds me of new email messages. I have Things which reminds me how many tasks are due today. I would really like to have a way to show an icon badge that indicates to me '2 documents are awaiting review'. I could of course create tasks for this, but what happens if I keep checking what the tasks are and conclude I don't have the time to sit down and read through a document. There seems to not be any app that does this. I'm so desperate for this solution that I've actually gone and installed XCode on my Mac, even though I've never programmed :-) If you know of such a tool, do let me know! cheers, Rob
  3. I'm running Evernote 5.0 and Things 2.0, both on a Mac. I can create a task in Things and drag an Evernote note over, it created an evernote:// link. So it seems odd to me that the Things autofill quick-entry panel doesn't work!
  4. Thanks @jefito ... that must be what I'm doing wrong then.
  5. When I send an email into my account, I add @notebook and #tag1 #tag2 to the subject line. The notebook bit works, the tags don't make it into tags but remain in the note title. Any thoughts what I'm doing wrong?
  6. Did you get anywhere with this? I face the same situation, hundreds of files to transfer but I would like to retain all the information I entered into Yep! There is an XML file which stores all this information, including tags and what not. But this would mean writing an XML parser in Applescript. Not my idea of a fun project!
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