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  1. Same problem with new stylus and wrist protection Went to Notability Has ability to go from keyboard to stylus to paste and back again Evernote - pay attention
  2. Having struggled with the new stylus and Penultimate, i went to Notabilty. Great app and just what i wanted. Each capture is automatically dated, with option to include time. Easy to send notes as PDF to evernote. Folder organization is great Writing is clear, easy and much more natural than Penultimate Evernote, take notice
  3. I would also want a day/date time stamp Its hard enough to use a Jot Script stylus, but why do this every time per note?
  4. What about if you copied outside Penultimate? How do you paste some text?
  5. To add to this question.....if you use the iPad copy function in a simple text app, of text, is it possible to paste that text once you enter in Penultimate? How?
  6. If i scan my hand written pages and create a PDF of those pages, can i place them in my Penultimate notebook via Evernote? If so, could i then add a new page behind the PDF, and continue my journal now using Penultimate? That way i have my old hand journal and current pages in one place, a Penultimate notebook. Thoughts
  7. I have a journal of hand written notes, over 100 pages i don't want to lose. I would like to scan the pages and import them into Penultimate. That would allow me to convert to Penultimate starting with page 101 and give me a continuous journal. Since hand writing is an image, and not a text file, has Penultimate provided for any import function? I guess i can scan them into one PDF and begin my Penultimate content thereafter, but since they are all images, why not bring them together in one Notebook? Thoughts?
  8. Evernote add in causes Outlook 2013 to fail. Evernote agrees. They have got to fix this. When?
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