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  1. What doe "out of windows" mean? Do you mean save a note as a pdf? Have you tried printing to a pdf writer?
  2. I second the pdf scrollig (or rather - display of multi-page pdf's inline in a note) and recent note list in the left bar.
  3. I think Evernote should have the ability to print the note list in snippet, card, or list views. I use the notes-as-todo-list technique as @sanjayg081 does. Each note then has a lot of supporting information in it so printing all the notes wouldn't work in this use case. I think many people would like to be able to print the note list view for many different reasons. Sometimes for reference, sometimes for sharing in an email with a team to discuss open task delegation. Table of contents notes lack the tag, date information that may be important to some users.
  4. Are you wrapping your phrase in quotes? That usually tells evernote to search fornthe literal string you are typing. Without the quotes it will return results that you described...posts containing any of the three words. also you can turn on search explanations to see how evernote is interpretting your search directions. There will be the option in the search explanation bar to choose if the system looks for "any" ot "all" of the words.
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