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  1. Hello there, please excuse my bad english, i am from germany ;-) In the future i would like to see the option to move a note to another notebook without opening it. Right now, when you tap and hold a note in overview mode, it brings up a context menu where you can - beside other options like mail, edit etc... - edit the tags of that note without opening it. It would be very useful (at least for me ;-) ) if that context menu get a menupoint "change notebook" or something like that. In my evernote setup, notes are often moved from one notebook to another, and i always have to open (download) every note i want to move while on the move ;-) Beside that, its an amazing app, thanks and respect to the programmers! Greetings from germany Landers
  2. Hello, I really really really would like a sort by tag option too. But please keep that sort by notebook option, because i spread my notes from one project over several notebooks and find those collapsible "notebookdividers" very helpful while scrolling/working through the search results. Landers PS: Shouldnt this post be moved to the android forum?
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