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  1. Hello - (this now happens on both Mac and Windows client versions) - somewhere along the way, Evernote started bleeding embedded images (JPG's etc) across multiple pages. So you get, for instance, 80% of the whiteboard picture on one physical printed sheet and 20% at the top of the next sheet. At one point in time, Evernote did not let images span pages, but rather sized the image to fit on a single page or page-broke and put the whole image on the next physical printed page. This is causing problems since I have used Evernote to capture meeting notes, including captured images, and
  2. I finally got through it. Uninstall. Restart Iphone. Re-install. Then select your offline notebooks that you want replicated locally (or confirm they are checked), set your auto-lock to NEVER, and then let your iphone sit on Wifi for a few hours and all offline notebooks will download. The less you use your phone during this the better. You will see that the notebooks are completed (the bar will complete under each) and then all will actually operate very quickly.
  3. Very disappointed after reading the great press on 8.0 and then downloading it. It is SLOW! It takes seconds to open a note, and then the content doesn't show, just the header. A few seconds later, perhaps 10 seconds, the content pops up. Scrolling up and down the notes screen is extremely jerky. Most of the time it is frozen. It is SO slow I mistakenly deleted notes, and then they weren't in trash!!! I had to boot my laptop offline to recover them there. Prior to the upgrade, I had offline notebooks turned on. Went in and looked, and for some reason they were turned off
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