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  1. Hi, Jay-Bob ... sorry I didn't get back here to see this response before! Indeed, I was selecting the part of the web page that I wanted to clip, but still the clipper wasn't offering selection. When I tried again a few days later, all was well. I forgot to follow-up here. Thanks for the help! ...cheers! -mk
  2. Hi, I'm trying to clip part of an article from Lifehacker, and Firefox seems to be challenged by the content that I'm trying to clip. I thought I'd try with Chrome, but there doesn't appear to be an option to clip a selection. Is my Web Clipper broken (I have the latest version), or does Evernote not support clipping by selection on Chome? If not, why not? ...thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm trying to create a new note in Evernote Android to include an image. I've done this lots of times in the past, but for some reason, it's not working now. I'm using Evernote 8.9 for Android on a Samsung Galaxy S7 with all updates (Android 8.0.0). To create the note, I open Evernote and tap the green (+) button, then choose the camera icon. The camera activates and the flash turns on. I rotate the phone 90 degrees because it's a landscape document. I align the image in the display and Evernote captures it automatically. There's a green check mark and a thumb
  4. I'm trying to set up 2FA on the web to use Google Authenticator, and it appears that text message is the only option:
  5. Hi, The Web Clipper on Firefox was updated, and Firefox on my computer applied the update recently--Version: (48bcd17/ Tonight, when I clipped some content, I discovered that the web clipper settings had changed. In particular, both Related results [ ] Show Evernote content related to my web searches. PDF page button [ ] Show Save to Evernote button on PDF pages. were turned on. I've always kept them off because otherwise, they hinder my work. I turned
  6. I agree--this is over the top. Last week, Evernote kept making me confirm my email address. First, it put an alert on my Android phone. Then, when I opened the app on my iPad a few hours later, it made me do it again. Next, when I opened Evernote for Windows (a few days later), I had to confirm it AGAIN. Why isn't one confirmation sufficient? And why does this have to be done every few months? Do people really abandon their email addresses that frequently? Also, does the confirmation on the Android really have to activate the notification bar? That should be used only f
  7. I like the Context feature with the information at the end of the note, but I don't like the pop-ups. I reported this to Support, who told me that for now, one has to disable Context to stop the pop-ups. I was also told, "A future version of Evernote will allow disabling the popups while keeping the related notes section, please make sure you download and install the update when prompted." However, a subsequent inquiry indicated there's no target date for releasing the update.
  8. +1 Yes, give us a way to "dismiss" the pop-ups once we've determined what we want to do with the context information. Maybe an [X] box at the top right of the bubble?
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