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  1. Oh well...... no meaningful responses here, and no progress on fixing the bug whereby Sketch handwritten notes hang when you try to save them. I've switched all my notes from Evernote over to Notability. It took me a few hours but I can now write notes with my Apple Pen safe in the knowledge that they will be saved. In order to export my Evernote notes - I just printed them as .pdf and dragged them into Notability. So long Evernote. Much as I love the Evernote app, it has been allowed to go off the rails big time. Also the company has not invested in resourcing customer service to a level appropriate for a subscription business. People who pay annual premium subscription deserve attentive customer service, and the removal of showstopper bugs within a reasonable timeframe.
  2. HI Has this issue been fixed? To clarify the problem: When I edit a note in sketch using apple pencil it will save and then at a certain point will no longer save and instead spin forever. When I restart it it will offer to recover lost data - but again it spins. This problem prevent me from using Evernote - which I had been happily using since 2012. Eddie
  3. Been using EN since 2012. Looks like I will have to switch to another app because it is losing my sketches.....
  4. @EVERNOTE When will Sketch bug be fixed. the new version is totally unusable as it doesnt reliably save sketches. How can you have release a version which is so bad? Everytime I try to save a sketch it just keeps spinning on save.... E
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