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  1. Well the price is due to go up again on based on past history. I guess you have to do that with customers leaving for free options when they cant get long standing bugs fixed or often acknowledged. Also more and more features being pushed to premium to try and force basic users to upgrade. This is the pattern. Evernote used to be a nice company in the early days and listened to their customers. Their pushing new features while not fixing bugs to try and claw back all those so annoyed that they have migrated away. Since the founding CEO left they company has declined. More promises from new leadership we will likely not see. The culture at Evernote must suck, I wish him luck. https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2019/01/evernotes-new-ceo-says-the-app-sucks-but-he-can-fix-it/
  2. On Android create a widget from the Evernote action bar and then select notebook and notebooks shared with you will not show up in the list even though it is in your list of notebooks in the program. I have confirmed with support on multiple times and apparently this is a feature without explanation but I consider it a bug. I share notebooks with my wife I want to post notes to with a single click but for some reason Evernote thinks this is a bad idea or the ever increasing annual fees are still not enough to fig bugs. I have brought this up many times. There are other issues with notes shared with you with full permissions where you can't do things on Android that you can do with your own notes.
  3. You can't. its a bug Evernote don't want to fix its been there since first Android version as far as I know. Basically every year the price of premium goes up and the innovation and customer support goes down. This is why people are leaving.
  4. Looks like the price of Evernote keeps going up and the quality of support is going down. I'm starting to wonder if Evernote knows what they are doing anymore. They clearly don't care about customers now.
  5. Thanks for that but when using other computers I don't want to have to setup applications, the key problem is just clicking on the note downloads the file. How do I stop the file downloading everytime I click on a note.
  6. Hi all, I have the same problem but mostly annoying that every time I open a note with audio attached as amr it downloads the file. Is there a way to stop that happening? I still want to record from within Evernote, pity they don't use MP3 or something a bit more universal. I want to go on any computer and use evernote without having to mess with VLC etc. I think the solution is for Evernote Web to have a built in player so you can choose to play if you want to but not to download the note audio dozens of times. Cheers
  7. I agree with all of the above. I have used OneNote for years and it is too much and when you get it on a mobile device with small screen it is useless. All I want is a task reminder and I would put most things in it, I am still juggling with Outlook and Evernote. I don't mind if the Task reminder is something I pay someone for it just needs to be available on My PC and Android and tie in someway. Also I don't always have good internet access so Evernote on the Android works well with the sync when I get back on-line.
  8. Hi Unit 7 thanks for getting back Running Windows 7 32bit starter on a new netbook. I missed your reply the forum does not seem to notify when reply posted even though selected. If you could do this it would be great. I read a bit on EN Script but it was a bit too confusing to me but I am not well at the moment that does not help. I have found the stack system a bit limiting but thinking the best way is to tag each day as year, month, journal and add long format of date including day of week in the subject but I am open to suggestions. I apreaciate everyones advice. The reason for perusing evernote is less software to learn and being able to access everywhere and no backup worries. It's great to get a new computer and be able to use evernote to search for stuff as soon as you have a browser running. There are other good reasons including easier to support family and friends if they all use the same applications.
  9. Does the Mac have full searching of documents and Evernote?
  10. The PDF support in Windows 7 32bit is included with you download Acrobat Reader. As far as I know the iFilter is written by the software developers and windows for a long time has handled Windows Desktop Search in this way. Windows Vista onwards came with Windows Desktop Search built in but you could run it on XP as a download. The point of this is from my understanding windows does not need to know much about any applications windows uses the iFilter from the developer as an interface to extract text to index. The built in bit people are talking about in Windows 8 is Windows 7 does not handle PDF iFilter in 64Bit version. This is not Windows fault but Adobe not supplying it with reader. You can download it directly though from Adobe. The following is from Wikipedia.
  11. Hi, My mother has been using OneNote and "OneNote Daily Journal PowerToy" and is very addicted to it. I am attempting to move her over to Evernote but there are some usability issues and things she needs to learn but is having problems due to age. She used OneNote to just keep a Journal. I have read as much as I can. Here is what she had and she only used one notebook for Journal and nothing else. The system tray PowerToy would right click it and it would open OneNote and create a new note with the current Date in this format Saturday 18 June 2011 as the note title. She could close OneNote but the icon would just open the correct date note without duplicating it. When there is a new date then it would create a new date. All this was Automatic. She want a very perfect formatted and browse-able journal like go to folder for a year and month and view days in it. The structure was as follows Journal >Year >Month >Note Saturday 18 June 2011 Problems I found with Evernote trying to implement this or similar structure. 1. Folder structure can only be one deep as far as I can see - I believe tags can possibly be used to overcome this. 2. There is no Automatic generation of folders for Years and Months 3. There is no Automatic Generation of Subject which today would be Saturday 18 June 2011 4. When importing from OneNote there appears to be a bug where the create date from OneNote 2010 does not bring across the created date so all dates are import date in Evernote. I am not keen in editing the date in 5 years of notes and due to the date format she chose we can't sort on title. So I think unless others have suggestions we can achieve some of this until someone writes what I thing is a badly needed plugin. There must be a lot of Oldies who like a bit of structure. Some of the below may be automated. 1. Create folders for years. 2. Manually enter the date as title 2. Tag with year, month, journal 3. Write Journal and edit during the day A couple of issues arise here. 1. Slow typing so extra for her to do, it takes longer. 2. Learning tagging consistently 3. When closed open Evernote (OneNote Journal tool did this automatic) and find the folder for the year then do the process manually. 4. The default folder does not always open in default but the last folder used, this causes confusion for her. Could the above be scripted or one click create new note with the current date like she is used to like "Saturday 18 June 2011" with tags populated already. Any help appreciated even if small. Problem is parents are not too close and travel a lot.
  12. I have been using OneNote for years but now with Evernote which I love for simplicity and sync with my Android Phone has become a problem. I find myself doing multiple searches to find stuff. I want to be able to find all my information by using Windows Search not have to open multiple applications. I have lots of documents going back 20 years also again windows search in Windows 7 gets everything except evernote. I have a poor memory. Is it possible to consider an iFilter that will allow Evernote to be searched. I have a lot of stuff in OneNote that I want to keep there as OneNote is far more featured application but evernote is great for random dump pictures, voice etc into one big bucket and have sync. I am starting to think though that maybe I should have waited for a decent windows mobile phone that fully supports OneNote reducing my search problem. I am recommending EverNote to lots of people who have never keept good notes and they love it. I don't want Evernote to have all the features that bloat Microsoft applications even though I will continue to Use OneNote but search is a big thing for me since I use both daily. Thanks
  13. I am new to Evernote. I know the 1GB per month is a lot for normal use but I have notes and information I want to upload that I have collected for 20 years. I have a lot of Infoselect data that exceeds 1GB just to start. I have OneNote collection going back to the original beta. I still think I would use onenote but only for very structured and occational use. I don't want to look in 3 locations or more to find my information and I want it all online and available wherever I am. 1GB a month won't acheive this for me for a couple of years and now with an android phone it is likely I will be using a lot more with the app to upload photos and more. I would like to suggest that either a plan with higher upload at additional price or ability to purchase an initial bulk amount of data like 10GB so people can migrate existing information from before Evernote allowing full migration. I have dropbox but I don't think it allows me to have my evernote info searchable everywhere or able to share with others easily. Evernote is like Infoselect V1.0 but then it got out of control and became too complicated. There are many features missing from Evernote but I think I can live with it just because if everyones wish list was granted we would have a bloated application. The extra upload would bring Evernote instant money and they could purchase more server processing and space and not affect evernote use in the slightest unless it slows Evernote down. Is that an issue? Thanks
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