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  1. Well the price is due to go up again on based on past history. I guess you have to do that with customers leaving for free options when they cant get long standing bugs fixed or often acknowledged. Also more and more features being pushed to premium to try and force basic users to upgrade. This is the pattern. Evernote used to be a nice company in the early days and listened to their customers. Their pushing new features while not fixing bugs to try and claw back all those so annoyed that they have migrated away. Since the founding CEO left they company has declined. More promises from new leadership we will likely not see. The culture at Evernote must suck, I wish him luck. https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2019/01/evernotes-new-ceo-says-the-app-sucks-but-he-can-fix-it/
  2. On Android create a widget from the Evernote action bar and then select notebook and notebooks shared with you will not show up in the list even though it is in your list of notebooks in the program. I have confirmed with support on multiple times and apparently this is a feature without explanation but I consider it a bug. I share notebooks with my wife I want to post notes to with a single click but for some reason Evernote thinks this is a bad idea or the ever increasing annual fees are still not enough to fig bugs. I have brought this up many times. There are other issues with notes shared with you with full permissions where you can't do things on Android that you can do with your own notes.
  3. You can't. its a bug Evernote don't want to fix its been there since first Android version as far as I know. Basically every year the price of premium goes up and the innovation and customer support goes down. This is why people are leaving.
  4. Looks like the price of Evernote keeps going up and the quality of support is going down. I'm starting to wonder if Evernote knows what they are doing anymore. They clearly don't care about customers now.
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