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  1. I'll flog the dead horse. As a Uni student, I have a lot of subjects and each have a Lecture, Lab and Tutorial. I have used MANY note-taking software, some Windows some Linux (Basket notes being my favorite) and I have to say sub-books work VERY well and help organisation immensely. It is very unintuitive to have one level of tags, just 'linked' together. For example I have four 'lecture 4's. And it is just pathetically trying to get around the problem if I tag them by Subject1.Lecture4.Notes4 when if you at least make tags with minor hierarchy and inheritance it works easily. Ie Subject 1 --Lecture 1 -- Lecture 2 Subject 30 -- Lecture 2 -- Lecture 3 Regardless of whether dev's think it is 'needed', most people who use note taking software extensively and require more organisation, this is essential.
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