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  1. If Evernote failes to sync (eg because I haven't yet signed in to my wifi network, so requests get redirected), then it goes into offline mode. After fixing the internet problems, if I try to manually sync I still get the message "You're offline. You need to connect to the Internet to synchronize with the Evernote service." I have to restart the app in order to get it to sync again. Note that it resumes fine after a simple loss of internet connection. It seems to be the error from getting redirected to wifi signin that switches Evernote into an error state.
  2. I have also wished for this feature repeatedly, but as a developer I want to caution about classifying this as 'minor'. Apple's UI guidelines suggest using the blue bubbles to display tags. Thus, displaying tags is not just a matter of adding a column to the table, but would require switching the whole table over to a more complex table which can contain tag bubbles. While certainly not a major overhaul, most developers I know find this sort of UI tweek to be a bit tedious, and prefer to spend their time on more meaty features (such as Note Links in the previous release). Given the number of responses to this thread, I'm sure that they will get around to it eventually. But it's probably not something that you fix over coffee one morning.
  3. I'm guessing that EN probably copies a tiny (empty) bit of text on either side of the image. This causes TextEdit, MS Word, etc. to treat it as text rather than looking for embedded images. As a workaround I've been pasting into Pages (or Mail, I guess?), then clicking on the image and copying just that to TextEdit. Unfortunately you have to copy each image individually, so there's still no easy way to copy rich text documents from EN into word.
  4. I've taken to "tagging" notes in shared notebooks by simply including a line in the note body like Tags: tag1, tag2, ... This way I can at least search for tags, even if they don't show up in the left panel.
  5. Is there any way to change the display size for an image from the mac client? In the web client, images show up with corner handles that allow resizing. In the mac client it is possible to right click on a pdf and choose 'zoom in', 'zoom out', 'actual size', or 'automatically resize'. However, I can't find any way to resize raster images such as jpg, png, etc. If this is just a temporary omission from the Mac GUI, does anyone know a offline workaround? For instance, is there any way to edit the XML behind notes directly? When I export a note I see the following line, which seems like it would be easy to manually edit:
  6. I found a thread in the windows EN 3.1 forum (Changing Default Author) which mentioned a registry key to set the default author name. Is there an equivalent to this for mac EN 2.1? I tried defaults write com.evernote.Evernote DefaultNoteAuthor sbliven but new notes still have blank authors. Or perhaps this is not possible, judging from the number of threads requesting author defaults?
  7. Personally, I can't think of any reason that the author field needs to be user-editable. I would prefer it if every note had fields 'created-by' and 'last-edited-by' automatically populated with the usernames of the relevant persons.
  8. I misunderstood you, braintoniq. I was referring to the drop down list of tags in the left panel. Clicking on a tag in the panel filters the main view so that only matching notes are displayed. There's no 'tag' column in the list view (yet), although it is possible to add 'author', 'notebook', and 'source URL'.
  9. I'm in a similar situation. I believe this is a bug in the Mac client. The trash icon for shared notes is greyed out. As a workaround, you can delete shared notes from the web client.
  10. This thread is a bit old, but the Mac client definitely has this as of version 2.10. It lives under the notebook list on the left–you may have to toggle the arrow to see the full list.
  11. The ability to move notes between notebooks would also be nice for resolving sync conflicts. I currently create a new note in the destination notebook (eg "work") and copy the contents of the old note into it. This is tedious and prone to errors, such as forgetting tags and attachments. Do you have a premium account for your work account? This allows you to grant write access to shared notebooks. This greatly simplifies adding notes to the shared notebook. Another option would be to log in to the web interface from home with your work account.
  12. @engberg Is that the official response, or just a description of the current behavior? This seems like a major limitation to me. As a premium user, if I grant someone access to a notebook I expect them to make changes to it responsibly. After all, they clearly have the power to "pollute" my notebook with new notes and content. Tags should be editable by anyone with write access to the note. I consider any other behavior to be a bug.
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