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  1. I'm still seeing this issue on 10.10.5. Is seems minor but ends up being a real bother with code-heavy notes. Please fix!
  2. It's an obnoxious work around. I hope the evernote team fixes it soon on the server side.
  3. Going offline (disabling wifi) allowed me to search again. Search results were also cached for auto-complete after going online. However, new online searches don't work. To me this indicates an issue with the server, either a broad issue or a problem with my account. I will try again after the Wed maintenance window and see if that fixes it.
  4. I am also unable to search from the web. I see an error "Search Failed. Try again later."
  5. I have this symptom too. I see some errors in my activity log: {"name":"electron.main","hostname":"Valentina.local","pid":41056,"level":40,"msg":" conduit-electron-worker [[\"Conduit query SearchEx failed with error \",\"ServiceError: errorCode=4 message=Failed to execute findSearchSuggestions rateLimitDuration=null\\n at y (app://evernote/boronConduitWorker/vendors~en-conduit-electron-worker-ea57d3f20ab46be8a66b.js:18:325776)\\n at Object.t.wrapThriftCall (app://evernote/boronConduitWorker/vendors~en-conduit-electron-worker-ea57d3f20ab46be8a66b.js:18:326537)\\n at async Ob
  6. This is still a bug in the latest update: v 10.5.7 build 2171 public Editor: v114.1.14753 Service: v1.25.2
  7. I don't even have a tools menu in 10.3.7. Is that normal? Does that mean I don't have any local notebooks?
  8. The Windows client also had issues with newlines but that seems like an encoding issue. This appears to be different.
  9. I am using the new mac app (v10.3.7). Pasting into the middle of a code block adds extra newlines. Steps to replicate: Initial text without whitespace Cut text from the middle (⌘X) Paste text back in the same place (⌘V) This bug slows me down considerably when editing code, to the point that I might have to stop using code blocks.
  10. I've taken to "tagging" notes in shared notebooks by simply including a line in the note body like Tags: tag1, tag2, ... This way I can at least search for tags, even if they don't show up in the left panel.
  11. @engberg Is that the official response, or just a description of the current behavior? This seems like a major limitation to me. As a premium user, if I grant someone access to a notebook I expect them to make changes to it responsibly. After all, they clearly have the power to "pollute" my notebook with new notes and content. Tags should be editable by anyone with write access to the note. I consider any other behavior to be a bug.
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