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  1. I've just been looking into this and have seen Synology Note Station, which is apparently quite a competent Evernote clone has an 'archive' feature. I haven't tested this yet as my own Synology NAS is currently in storage whilst I move house but as soon as it's back up and running I'm going to be looking into this. Also has an Evernote migration feature. Please note, I have no connection to Synology and am not receiving any kind of incentive for this post, I am just a very avid Synology NAS user.
  2. For me and many other people this is such a sorely needed feature. I can forgive Evernote's other shortcomings but it's the closest product on the market I can see right now that meets my needs. I've been an Evernote user for many years now and although I'm not currently a paying customer, would gladly do so if this feature were implemented. Evernote dev team, please roadmap Archiving (and let us know you've done so!).
  3. +1 for this functionality. I use the 'Archive stack' method for the time being to keep notes out of the way. I wish stacks could be nested 1 more level as well.
  4. I have this issue now. Even when editing existing notes the note crashes. Very annoying.
  5. +1 for Archive At the moment I have an 'Archive' notebook stack - but as most of my notes are structured within notebooks and stacks anyway I have to break them out of the stacks before I add them to the 'archive' stack. I also have to rename the notebooks with the original name of the stack they came from. Would all be much easier for me if you could have a dedicated 'Archive' facility. To have notebooks with optional invisible/searchable flag would be very useful.
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