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  1. This has happened with many EN upgrades. I know that there's MS-DOS way of taking care of it. Can someone remind me? (I tried going through the Oulook "Trust Center" but that did not work.) Thanks, Bruce
  2. And now it's happened to me with the 4.4 install. Consistently happening with each install. I tried the advice below but to no avail. Any deeper "under the hood" advice?
  3. It's not there and the same thing happened with the 4.2 install. It came back by reinstalling it but not this time. Help... thanks.
  4. Hi Max, The reinstall solved it. All is good. Thanks for your help. --Bruce
  5. It's the correct installation folder. Must be correupted. I'm downloading the latest version and will re-install. Do I need to uninstall first?
  6. I got to the step "C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote>regsvr32.exe /u EvernoteOL.dll and I received a dialog box that said: "LoadLibrary("EvernoteOL.dll") failed - The specified module could not be found. What do I do next?
  7. Max I tried this, but it didn't seem to help. I suppose I'll just try to re-install EN 4.2.2 again. I'M HAVING THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I LIVE BY THIS BUTTON. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS. I EVEN TRIED REBOOTING. IS THERE A WAY TO REVERT TO PREVIOUS INSTALL?
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