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  1. Okey, okey, okey... Let me specify my wish a little more: Please Enable "View Options" in Evernote Web similar to what's available in the Evernote desktop app for Windows. So that the user have the option to choose whatever view. "Top List is better than Side List"...ehm, no. Anyways give use more options than just the snippet view for the web-solution of Evernote.
  2. Hi, I would like to have the Side List feature on Web just like on the Windows app. That would help me being much more productive for example when using Evernote Web on my work computers where I can't install the application, where I use Evernote Web on the Chrome Browser instead. I deal a lot with receipts, so to be able to sort notes with List View, just the title, one line for each note, would be more effective. Easier to scroll through more notes that way, drag and drop to different notebooks, etc. (I can see this has been discussed serveral times before, as early as 5 years ago. Why can't this feature just be added to Evernote Web. Don't remove, just add the option to sort/view notes as a compact list..)
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