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  1. So the question for folks who are bugged by this feature (I'm not) is what would you suggest as an alternate means of notification? Just saying that you're unhappy isn't very helpful to the Evernote designers. I understand that a new feature has to be shown to users so that they take note there is a new feature. The obvious bug here would be that non-premium users got the feature but not the options to control it. A minor bug would be that the pop-up has no close button, and that it keeps popping up. Overall, if there is a feature I already know of, I want that feature to be available to me when I want to use it; I don’t want the feature to bother me while I don’t intend to use it. It’s that simple.
  2. To anyone struggling to disable Context in the registry (run “regedit” to do that), please note that you have to make the change while Evernote is not running. Re-run Evernote afterwards and check (refreshing the Regedit window) that the value stayed 0. I concur that turning this promising feature into an ad-like popup has not won me over either.
  3. I feel I have no need for the EvernoteClipper.exe process. (I don’t clip from IE or Firefox, my primary browsers being Chrome and Opera. Neither do I run Outlook.) In some previous versions of Evernote, I could remove Evernote Clipper from Startup, and that would be it. Now Evernote runs this process anyway. While it is not huge, I like to keep my system lean through not running processes that are not needed. I would like to see—in future versions of Evernote—some way of not running this process, or at least closing it when Evernote closes. Perhaps when the option "Do not show the 'New clip' dialog" is active?
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