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  1. Thank you for the reply. In fact, it is actually possible to send an email to Evernote for that mail is processed in a footnote. Me what I want is from my Palm Pre + can send a note found on Evernote by email ... And that, apparently, this is not possible on Web OS:-s Thank you to tell me if I'm wrong ... And if I'm not mistaken, this feature (essential for me) Is provided in a future update Evernote for Web OS? Thank you
  2. Hello. I use Evernote on a daily basis with great pleasure. It's one of my favorite applications on my Palm Pre +. Would it be possible at a forthcoming update to allow sending notes via email? I sometimes send notes to my staff and I must now wait to be in front of my computer to do ... Some colleagues who have an iPhone can do it directly from their phone. Is this planned for WebOS? Thank you
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